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Get the explanation of the frequently asked questions regarding hospital policy, rules, procedures and preparation for childbirth at Family Hospitals

How do I register/book an appointment?

  1. Telephone:

    RSIA Family: (021) 6695066
    RSIA Grand Family: (021) 2967 3737/2967 3777

  2. Information and online registration (WhatsApp):
    RSIA Family: 0813 8888 5515
    RSIA Grand Family: 0822 9999 5515

  3. Direct registration at the hospital through the administration center

Where do I find the doctor’s schedule?

  1. The doctor's schedule can be found in the information section of the Hospital or WhatsApp 0813 8888 5515 (RSIA Family), 0822 9999 5515 (RSIA Grand Family) and Telephone (021) 6695066/6694990 (RSIA Family), 021 2967 3737/2967 3777 (RSIA Grand Family)
  2. Instagram Highlights “Doctor’s Schedule”
  3. Through our website :

Is it possible to book a room in advance of labor?

  1. Room booking is unavailable. Please register directly off-line at our hospital administration counter D-1 before the estimated labor date.

What payment methods are available?

  1. Cash, debit card / credit card. ATM machines are also available in the hospital.

Family Hospitals accept BPJS / Insurance?

  1. We do not accept BPJS. However, our hospital is partnered with 25 private insurance companies.

What are the operational hours of the hospital?

  1. Operational time for outpatient care is 7.00 to 21.00.
  2. Operator Services are available 24/7.
  3. 24 hours service :
    - ICU
    - Laboratory
    - Radiology
    - Pharmacy

Are male patients accepted?

  1. Yes, we accept male outpatients. For inpatient services, we only accept male children/adolescents younger than 17 years old.

How much does childbirth cost at Family Hospitals?

  1. The estimated cost of childbirth can only be explained directly by contacting the hospital information department:

    RSIA Family: (021) 6695066 / 6694990
    RSIA Grand Family: 021 29673737/29673777

What are the terms for check-in/check-out for inpatient hospitalization?

  1. Check-in is possible and check out is at 12:00.

    But during the pandemic, RSIA Grand Family imposed check-in and check-out hours +/- 2 hours from normal time, this is related to cleaning in the inpatient area according to the COVID-19 safety protocol.

What is the procedure for childbirth preparation at Family Hospitals?

  1. Patients who have made a reservation 7 days before estimated delivery date will be contacted by our costumer relation officer to confirm the reservation. Closer to the delivery date, patients will receive information through phone call by our assigned midwives to prepare for the delivery.

What should be avoided before labor?

  1. Prior to the surgery appointment, patients are required to fast 4 hours without drink and 8 hours without food.
  2. Consumption of ginseng, colesom, liquor, herbal drink, before and after labor are not allowed.
  3. No nail polish, nail gel, jewelery, soft lens or glasses.

What time should we arrive before labor?

  1. Not later than 4 hours before scheduled delivery time.

What documents are required by hospital?

  1. ID Husband and Wife's KTP/Passport
  2. Patients Maternity Book
  3. Husband and Wife Blood Type Card
  4. *Insurance Card

    *If you have insurance

What items should be prepared before labor?

  1. At least 3 sets of clothes with front buttons, underwears, and maternity bras for a 3-days stay
  2. 3 maternity corsets and sarung (for normal delivery)
  3. Patients are advised to bring personal medication and breast pump.
  4. Towel and personal toiletries

What should be completed before hospital check-out?

  1. Fulfill all administration requirements for hospitalization.
  2. Prepare 1 set of clothes for the new mother.
  3. Prepare a minimum of 1 set of baby's clothing (clothes, swaddling, blanket, gloves, socks, hat) for the newborn child.

What are the proctocols followed by the hospital upon entrance?

  1. Companions and patients are required to wear masks. Patients who arrive in an ill condition will be directed straight to an alternative screening area (outside the main hospital building) for further examination.
  2. Check body temperature.
  3. Use of Hand Sanitizer.
  4. Asked about screening.
  5. Companions and patients will be shortly interviewed upon arrival.
  6. Companions and patients will be directed to the areas appointed for them.

Does the hospital accept new patients during the current pandemic?

  1. Yes, the hospital still accepts new inpatients or outpatients in the midst of the pandemic
  2. During the pandemic, children will not be accepted as inpatients

What policies have been implemented due to COVID-19?

  1. There will be no visiting hours and visitors are not allowed during the pandemic
  2. The hospital only allows 1 companion for adult outpatients and a maximum of 2 companions for children. Companions have to be in a good health condition
  3. The number of patient advocates allowed by us is limited and patient advocates are required to conduct rapid screening tests.

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