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Hospital Patient Rights

  1. Obtain information about the rules and regulations that apply in the hospital;
  2. Obtain information about patient rights and obligations;
  3. Receive services that are humane, fair, honest and without discrimination;
  4. Obtain quality health services in accordance with professional standards and standard operating procedures;
  5. Obtain effective and efficient services so that patients avoid physical and material losses;
  6. Filing complaints about the quality of service obtained;
  7. Choosing a doctor and treatment class in accordance with his wishes and the rules that apply in the hospital;
  8. Requesting consultation about the illness he is suffering from a doctor who has a Practice License (SIP) both inside and outside the hospital;
  9. Obtain privacy and confidentiality of the illness, including medical data;
  10. Obtain information including diagnosis and procedures for medical treatment, the purpose of medical action, alternative measures, risks and complications that may occur, and prognosis for the action taken and the estimated cost of treatment
  11. Give approval or reject the actions that will be taken by the Health Worker for the disease they suffer;
  12. Accompanied by his family in critical condition;
  13. Performing worship according to their religion or belief as long as it does not disturb other patients;
  14. Obtaining safety and security while in hospital;
  15. Submit suggestions, suggestions, improvements to the Hospital's treatment of himself;
  16. Rejecting spiritual guidance services that are not in accordance with the religion and belief held;
  17. Suing and / or suing the hospital if the hospital is suspected of providing services that do not comply with standards, either civil or criminal;
  18. Complaining about hospital services that do not comply with service standards through print and electronic media in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

(Source: Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 44 of 2009 concerning Hospitals; Clause 32)

Hospital Patient Obligations

  1. Comply with the regulations applicable in the hospital;
  2. Using hospital facilities responsibly;
  3. Respect the rights of other patients, visitors and the rights of health workers and other staff working in the hospital;
  4. Provide honest, complete and accurate information according to their ability and knowledge of their health problems;
  5. Provide information about financial capacity and health insurance it has;
  6. Comply with the therapy plan recommended by the Health Personnel at the Hospital and approved by the patient concerned after receiving an explanation in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations;
  7. Accept all the consequences for his personal decision to refuse a therapy plan recommended by a health worker and / or not comply with the instructions given by a health worker in the context of curing his illness or health problem;
  8. Provide compensation for services received.

    (Source: Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4 of 2018 concerning Hospital Obligations and Patient Obligations; Clause 26)


  1. Giving money (tips) to hospital staff.
  2. Bring items indoors as follows:
    • Carry jewelery, large amounts of money, firearms / other valuables
    • Place cellphones, laptops, tabs, and other valuables carelessly in the hospital environment.
    • Carrying electronic items / tools that use electricity (such as: electric kettles, electric stoves, rice cookers, etc.)
    • Bring sleeping equipment (such as folding mattresses, mats or the like, etc.).
    • The hospital is not responsible for any damage or loss to these items.
  3. Not allowed to take documentation (photos / videos) in the hospital environment. (Source: Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 36 of 1999 concerning Telecommunications; Clause 40)
  4. Leaving the hospital complex without the permission of the attending doctor (especially for patients)
  5. Smoking consumes liquor and drugs in all areas of the hospital
  6. Bring medicines from outside (must buy at the hospital)


  1. Unauthorized personnel are prohibited from entering the operation and action room.
  2. The cost of repairing / replacing hospital property which is damaged / lost due to negligence of the patient's family / visitors will be borne by the patient
  3. The hospital is not responsible for any form of transactions inside or outside the hospital environment on behalf of the hospital without an official receipt issued by the hospital.

Visiting Rules

  1. Visit time
    • During the pandemic, visiting hours for inpatients at the Grand Family Mother and Child Hospital will be eliminated.
    • For patients who are treated in the Intensive Care Room (NICU / PICU / HCU / ICU), the number of patient visitors allowed is a maximum of 2 (two) people with a maximum duration of 10 minutes (except in certain conditions with the approval of the doctor / nurse on duty) .
  2. Children under 12 (twelve) years of age are prohibited from visiting patients
  3. Standard Rooms A and B should not be waited for by the patient's family (overnight)

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Komplek Pluit Mas. Jl Pluit Mas Raya 1 Blok A, 2A-4, Jakarta utara 14450

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